Monday, 19 August 2013

Quickie about Pushbacks

Hi everybody,

Departing from my usual practice of posting only what I hope to be at least mildly thought-through pieces, I'm doing a short post just to promote a campaign Amnesty is doing on refugees and their "pushback" in the Aegean sea.  I'm a typical liberal leftie in many senses (and I don't apologise for any of it), not least because I believe that we here in the comfort of rich Europe should do our bit to help those less fortunate elsewhere.  Sending help to remote corners of the world is one thing, but booting out desperate individuals from our own doorstep is something else and puts all of the EU in shame.  SHAME, I say!

A more thorough piece on Syria and the refugee situation there will be posted in the next weeks, but for now, please at least see what Amnesty is saying and decide whether this is something you want to support.

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